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Q1: Why should we purchase from Hi-Link?

A:  Well-trained production staff, low cost labor, and economical raw material makes your product more competitive.  Large companies set up manufacturing sites in Mainland China to maximize their profit.  Smaller companies are limited by their management and budget and usually procures product in the US.  By having a direct local contact in the US, you now have the convenience to order locally, but obtain overseas savings!


Q2: How do we choose the best manufacturing solution?

A:   Purchasing directly from the manufacturer is one of the best methods to reduce cost.   Hi-Link manufacturers most of its products.  In the rare occasions, where it needs a specialized product, we can source components anywhere in China. If it is a special process, and you want to see samples, we can provide them to you.  It is rare for overseas suppliers to have the breadth of manufacturing and international trading experience.   Since Hi-Link staff is bilingual it makes communications easy.



Q3:   What types of products and services does Hi-Link provide?

A:    Hi-Link specializes in the manufacturing of stainless steel items made by forging, precision casting, bending, stamping.   Hi-Link products line includes steel, copper, aluminum alloys, zinc alloys, and most common metals. Your products can be shipped anywhere in the world, by sea or by air.



Q4: What types of quality programs does Hi-Link provide?

A:    Testing is accomplished at all stages and each step of the overall operation.  We follow all the standard QC procedures to insure product which meets your specifications.


Q5:   What types of information should I present when I inquire?

A:   Hi-Link requires a parts drawing (metric or inch); if the information is available in AutoCad or similar-type program this can be emailed directly to our office.   A physical sample, picture, and weight are extremely helpful to shorten the quotation process.  If there are specific dimensions that your present supplier has a difficult time maintaining, please indicate this to us.  Also include reference price information and annual quantity.


Q6: How long will it take Hi-Link to provide us the quotation?

A: Typical one week maximum.  If you have URGENT needs please specify and indicate what they are. 


Q7:   What can we do if Hi-Links list price is too high?

A: Hi-Link offers competitive price according to our knowledge of custom-made products.  We constantly monitor the quality of products and focus on on-time delivery, rather than bargaining.  If the price is higher than you expect, please let us know your target price, and additional information to support this price, and we will respond back to you in 3 days.



Q8:  Hi-Link accepts our PO.   How dose Hi-Link assure us of the quality require to meet our requirements?

A: Our QC staff is dedicated to monitoring the quality of the products.  The engineers supervise test runs during the tooling phase of a project.  Before out-of-tool samples are presented to our customers, we routinely layout all dimensions with precise instruments and perform chemical composition analysis and physical property tests to make sure that the products conform to what drawings and specifications have called for.

Bulk production only begins after samples are approved by our customers.  During production, engineers and inspectors conduct in-process quality control at manufacturing sites.  General operational performance checks take place as standard practice.  Where the size of a project warrants, we have our own engineers stationed at manufacturing sites for daily in-process quality control.  A final audit is a must before we release any product out of our manufacturing sites.



Q9: How dose Hi-Link guarantee the products after they meet our sample approvals?

A: We will perform mass production as soon as we get sample acknowledgement.   Parts are checked against the sample parts.  Golden samples are kept for future reference.  Weekly report will inform you the status of your products by phone or by e-mail.



Q10: What types of Quality Assurance reports does Hi-Link provide?

A:    Hi-Link provides a measurement test report, material analysis report, finishing test report, and any special test report according to customer needs.



Q11:   What kind packaging can Hi-Link provide?

A:      We have Retail packaging and Industrial packaging.  For Retail, blister packages, color print cartons, and gift boxes are typically used.   For Industrial, bulk packaging is used commonly to reduce volume.  We provide any special packaging in accordance with customer requirements.




Q12: We dont have import experience. What should we do?

A:      You only need provide your company information. Hi-Link will clear cargo through customs with ocean & air freight and import duty fees prepaid by us.




Q13: What do we need to do after we receive first shipment of custom-made products?

A:     Please inspect and test out custom-made products when you receive them. Our customer representative will follow up in one week. If you have any comments, either positive or critical, we would love to hear from you.



Q14: Can we return products if not satisfied?

A:   You can get a 100% refund if the product has quality issues within a reasonable time. Please notify the quality issue as soon as possible.  We will do our best to improve the products to meet your requirement. We do not consider our work done until our customers are satisfied.



Q15: Do we need to make price inquiries when we place next purchase order for the same products?

A: The price should keep stable in reasonable period. Accordance with the price of material and floating energy costs, prices may be adjusted after one year.  



Q16: Can Hi-Link engineer design new products according to our needs?

 A:     Absolutely yes.  Our growing of design engineers and support technicians are dedicated to serving customer needs.  If you provide us detailed information, such as specifications, test criteria, use method, or target price, our engineers will offer design services with drawings.


 Q17: How safe are our designs with Hi-Link?

A: Without your permission, Hi-Link will never provide your custom-made products and confidential documents including any information about your company to any other customers.  We will sign an agreement to protect the proprietary nature of all products purchased through us if it is necessary. 

QQ18: How to reach Hi-Link?

A: We can be contacted at either Shanghai headquarter office or at our North American, sales office.

Hi-Link Machinery Co., Ltd.

#752 Panyu Road

Shanghai 200030 P. R. China

Tel: 86 21 6281 8453

Fax: 86 21 6280 3166


Attn: Mrs. Maggie Guo


North American Representative:

Hi-Link Machinery Co. Ltd.

PO. Box 8523,

Rolling Meadow, IL 60008-8523


Tel: 847 460 8726

Fax: 847 640 8161



Attn: Mr. Wei Ge



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